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Free WebQuest Workshop for Webheads

Join a 4-week workshop on how to integrate technology into your class via WebQuests:

Please contact me and let me know you are a Webhead so I can enroll you for free.

Warm wishes,


End of spam attacks

This post was made when this site existed as a Ning which we used as a social networking site for our last WiAOC, Webheads in Action Online Convergence,, in 2009.  The free version of Ning was particularly vulnerable to spam attacks, and this post addressed how we handled that at the time.

Shortly thereafter Ning declared that it was no longer supporting its free services, but paying for hosting was not a prerogative of WiAOC, which was a total volunteer effort, with neither funding nor revenue.  At the time, Posterous was offering the best available wholesale import of Ning content, so Vance Stevens ported the Ning to Posterous. In so doing, Vance became the putative author of all the posts, though that is in reality not the case.  So true authorship of posts here became lost in that transfer.

Then on April 30, 2013, Posterous, which had been bought by Twitter, was killed by the latter, ignominiously (but presumably profitably, and may the good creators of Posterous prosper).  Fortunately, WordPress retains its open source ideals, as do Webheads, and as of the above date, they offered the smoothest means of getting content from Posterous into a free WordPress blog, and so WiAOC lives on.  

What follows is therefore relevant only for archival purposes … 

Hi everyone,

Sorry to report but this worthy site has been targeted by spammers. When I discovered it (someone alerted me to it, thank you to that someone) we had accumulated 1800 spam accounts. I am going through and deleting them. I also set the permissions to enter here on approval only, so these attacks should cease in the future. In the few hours I have been working on this already, we have been hit with two dozen requests for membership from spambots, so the rate of attack is very frequent, but hopefully, and if you see this blog post on the front page, if it doesn’t get shoved aside by spam blogs, we should have things under control.

Hopefully this site can soon be restored to professional integrity. I’m very sorry about the problem, but it might take some time to get rid of the 1600 accounts I haven’t been able to get to yet, but I can work on it in multitasking mode, so hopefully not too long.

Moodle 4 Teachers

Move forward about 7 minutes

ESP – Hospitality English

I have been creating a Moodle-based website ( called Hospitality English as a research project with Dr. Chiharu Iwai of Osaka Prefecture University.

See you in Nagoya?

Visit 4th International Wireless Ready Symposium: Digital Asia

EU Grants for course on Web 2.0 in Language Education

‘Designing activities for the 2.0 Language Classroom’ (A Comenius professional development course)

In conjunction with the Utrecht University Summer School the Faculties of Education of Heidelberg and Utrecht Universities of Applied Sciences offer a 7-day, international course exploring WEB 2.0 applications such as Wiki and Web-logging, real-time communication (Videoconferencing and 3D Virtual Worlds) and the Language Quest format for integrating the World Wide Web into classroom teaching.
Besides, the course location in the brand-new building of the Faculty of Education in Utrecht, the Netherlands, allows for demonstration of good practices of and personal training in the use of Interactive Whiteboards.
Intended participants are practising (student) language teachers, teacher trainers and materials developers.
Dates: 10-07-2010 – 16-07-2010
More information and registration at:
Persons eligible for EU Comenius Grants can apply at their National Agency for compensation of costs for travel, accommodation and fees for this course. The deadline for grant applications is January 15, 2010, but please confirm with your National Agency for country-specific deadlines.
N.B. Participants who would like to extend their visit to the Netherlands can apply for an additional period of campus accommodation at 135 Euro per week.

Ton Koenraad, MA
ICT-E consultant, Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

Call for papers on LanguageQuests extended

Computer Resources for Language Learning (CORELL) is an international, peer-reviewed e-journal which releases annual issues on all aspects of research on computer resources in foreign language learning.

An editorial team, supported by Ton Koenraad as guest-editor, is preparing a monographic issue of CORELL on LanguageQuests, to be published December 2009.

More details here

Ton Koenraad